Altaf King & Brandy vs Whisky & Xplicit Itabim10
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Altaf King & Brandy vs Whisky & Xplicit Empty Altaf King & Brandy vs Whisky & Xplicit

on Tue Aug 07, 2012 12:58 pm
Winner: Whisky French & Xplicit Germans

Loser: Altaf King Russians & Brandy Germans

Map : Great Plains

Altaf King & Brandy vs Whisky & Xplicit 2jecvw7

One of the fabulous win I have against top players. Whisky played superb and it made the win easier.

The plan was the create musket and Uhlan. But whisky saw Altaf's barracks when he was making his. Even before finishing his barracks, Altaf brought 5 cossack shipment and made 5 musk. We lost the front base. I quickly made stable at the base. Altaf came after me with strelet, musket and cossacks and Brandy was killing Whisky's 2nd base making villagers. We were on backfoot.

Then my 5 uhlan shipment came and I made 5 more, Whisky managed some musketeers and we stopped this attack. Then some fierce battle in the middle near their front base where we were overpowered. Russian weakness against Cav showed and we took advantage. Brandy made lots of Uhlans but Whisky and I got him quickly and then went after Strelets.

Raided Altaf, killed his few vills, destroyed his tc. They came for last attack with Uhlans and Strelets. We killed all as Whisky too got cavs this time with some dragoons. They at the middle right section of the map we got all their villagers hunting, it was just gg.

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Altaf King & Brandy vs Whisky & Xplicit Empty Re: Altaf King & Brandy vs Whisky & Xplicit

on Tue Aug 07, 2012 6:11 pm
Good one xplicit keep it going !!! Smile Like
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