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on Sun Sep 05, 2010 8:03 pm
This is a very simple undecorative guide. This is a baisc overview to how to rush for both noobs and pros.
The whole point of rushing is to dish out troops to attack in the early 2:00-3:30 min of the game. The only way to achieve this is by obtaining 800 food as soon as possible. This means no food should be spent on upgrades or villagers as it will slow you down.

About Me:
For any of you who wants to contact me via ES online, my user name is Uchiha_Sasuke. I am currently at skill lvl 30 (Major), with 87% wins. I am ranked top 3 for Most Carolina Wins and Most German Wins.

This is my strategy guide for the map Carolina as i am aiming for rank 1 on the ladder.

As this guide is for noobs, all cards i will mention will be available for lvl 1 hcs. I will also mention optional cards for higher lvls.

300 Food Crate - Age 1
5 Uhlans - Age 2
3 Doppelsoldner & 2 Uhlans - Age 2
300 Gold Crate - Age 1
Optional Cards (All lvl 10 hc Required)

8 Crossbowman & 2 Uhlans - Age 2
600 or 700 Food Crate & 2 Uhlans- Age 2
600 or 700 Gold Crate & 2 Uhlans- Age 2
The Rush:
You will need to know how to do simple microing

At the start quickly select your explorer, set him to ctrl+1 and set a waypoint for him to explore near your base then to walk to where your enemy's base should be

Select 1 of your villagers and get him to start gathering the food crates

Click and Drag the rest of the villagers, set them to control group 3, and send them towards the nearest deers
Note: if no deer are visible get those villagers onto wood and send 1 to walk near the edge of your base till you find some

Select 2 of the villagers as they approach the deers and send them behind the deer so that when they shoot, their guns will point towards your tc

Use the 2 villagers to shoot the deer and get all of the villagers on group 3 to gather food from it

Once you see the amount of food you have currently + the food remaining in the crates is 800, send your group 3 villagers onto the nearest tree

When you have 800 food age with the Philosopher Prince who will give you 500 food

Once your villager at the crates have finished gathering them send him onto gold

When you have obtained 450 wood, build 2 houses with one of your group 3 villagers and send the rest onto gold
Note: If you have already aged and you have less than 450 wood, build 1 house then barracks and keep chopping till you can get your 2nd house

By this time you should have your first card. Save it and leave it for later

During the time left befor you age, select 2 of your mining villagers and set them to control group 3, and select 1 other mining villager and set him to group 2

In the few seconds before you age, send your group 3 villagers (which should be 2 villagers) towards the tc so they can gather the 500 food crate when it arrives

When you age(around 2:30-3:00), use your group 2 villager to start building a barracks (shortcut key: b)

After you start to build the barracks press H for shipment and select the 5 Uhlans card, then set the barracks onto control group 2

Make 4 villagers with the 500 Food and set them onto the deer, the villagers you started with should all be on gold

If you have done your exploring properly, you should know the locations of your enemy's villagers
Note: I have often discovered you should harrass the enemy's villagers with your explorer to get them to attack you so they dont gather ;p

When the uhlans arrive send them towards the villagers and harrass them, if they run into the tc just run and continue to harrass

Your second shipment should arrive soon and use it on the 400 gold Mercanaries, with the remaining gold build Doppelsoldners

Use your troops to harrass the villagers and to start attacking the houses and their barracks

Once you have the situation under control with enough troops attack their tc
The game usually differs greatly from here. I usually just use the other 2 military cards (3 Doppelsoldners & 2 Uhlans, 8 Crossbowman & 2 Uhlans, 700 gold & 2 Uhlans). If you suspect the enemy of starting a new base, send uhlans to scout around while the rest of your troops attack.

If you're planning to use this strat on other maps with less crates, the strat differs by building 2-3 villagers near the start and using the first card on 300 food or wood.

I've found this strat works best in 1v1 or 2v2, if you're playing a 3v3 with pros it is extremelly risky.

Have Fun Rushing
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