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Wow... I love the French [rush]... and their Native Friends

on Sat Sep 04, 2010 9:50 pm

French is quite weak in 1.06, but i think they still have a trick or two in their sleave, althought native rush is nerfed, it is not all bad. Native American Treatynow give 600 res worth of troops from each different tribe, which means on the right map it gives you 1200 res worth of troops, quite a lot for age2 at 5:30. on top of that natives dont use your houses and they are generally better than the units that you build from barrac - all nextive light infantry gets 2 x bonus against heavy infantry and all native bowman type units have same ROF as british longbow - 1.5.

there are a few maps you can do it, its just its condition is a lot tougher now. so dont think of this as a special power stratagy, its just a bit of fun for a change.

Build Order:

Game starts, put 2 Cdb on different food crate and 3 on hunting. select TC mach "V". set TC waypoint to hunting.

as soon as all food crates are finished, move both Cdb to hunting, leave all other crates alone

explorer on XP hunt, scout on sheep/lama/cow finding.

make exactly 4 CdB, then ship 3 more, leave it at that.

once explorer hunted 1 XP treasure, hunt for food.

you will experience some TC idle time, thats OK, just do you best to minimise it, eat herdable early etc.

Age at 800 food with 400 wood, this should be 2:10~2:30.

now put 7 on wood and 1 collect wood crates, build a houses. rest stay on food and queue Cdb, if you started with 200 wood, then chop 50 and have explorer start building a TP first, then build the house, this way you get both TPs up faster.

when you have close to 250 wood, move explorer to a native settlement, once u hit 250 wood, he builds a TP.

you should have second shipment ready by now, ship Native American Treaty.

time now should be 5:30~ish. attack.

next shipment is 4 Cdb, next can be native warrior +10% card or res cards.

basically you want to keep thw right split of Cdb so that you can keep constant Cdb production and keep getting right res for your chosen natives.

End of build order

French Specialty

What makes french better than others in this rush??

Not a lot! but there is still some advantages.

- French is the only civ that can get away with 15 vils (12 Cdb)in age1 and still not having to build a house. this saves about 50 VS, which is 40 food.

- French is one of the only 2 civ with a scout, scout is very powerful in finding right treasure and herdables.

- French can upgrade native warrior with a card in age2, its really not significant because before you send it you will most likely to send all res card and possibl troop cards as well.

- As battle drags on in age2, French will end up with better Eco slowly, due to Cdb being a better deal than vils.


Recommanded maps:

Pampas - incu + tupi
Yocanta - maya + aztec(if you can build the second TP)
Sonora - maya + aztec (really OP)
Sanguney - cree + nootka

Recommanded start:

200 wood, 300 food.

closing comment

I feel that although Carolina and Bayou have two natives, both being light infantry, they lack a bit on seige and anti-cavalry, you have to invest in bowman's seige with 200 food and 200 gold. possibly best option would be invest in a barrack and make pikeman, then it increases the cost of the whole excersice making it not worthwhile.


for some reason I have been under the illusion of if you didnt have second TP up then you dont get troops from that settlement. this was incorrect. I removed all stuff related to how to get 2 TP up by NAT arrive, since it is not that important anymore.

however in any case,from a faster = better rush point of view, it is still better to have more troops ealier.
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