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sioux survival guide

on Thu May 10, 2012 9:06 pm
Sioux Survival Guide
By Smear
Everyone Thinks the Sioux can’t match up to Civ’s like France or Spain.France can just Fast fortress and bring cuirs and cannon up your ass. Spainwill fast fortress too and just spam shipments at you until you run out of resources.Correct? What about iro? It seems nobody can beat there Fast fortress. Andlet’s not forget about Dutch, Russia, and British who all need to be dealt withat some time or another. Well I am going to teach you how to beat this, alongwith some more strats to beat other civs. Let’s start with the basics of theSioux.

Basics of Sioux

This guy is OP. He has a speed of 8.10 and can convert treasure guardians. Withhim you can scout the map for very good treasures in less then a minute dependingon the map. Not to mention you can raid with him and nobody can catch you inage 2 and even age 3. And why stop with raiding? Put him behind some wakina orcetan and they can hit and run like no other. ALWAYS Use your Warchief even ifyou don’t think he will help. He probably will.

~No houses:
Having no houses is one of the best advantages in this game. You can make unitswhenever you want. You don’t have to spend as much time chopping wood and youcan ship shipments that take up 60 pop room! And not have to worry.

Sioux cavalry is some of the best in the game.
-Dog soldier shipments, though small, can really turn the tide of the game inage 2 or 3.
-Axe riders can cost a lot but hey you’re Sioux you don’t need food right? Theyare stronger then normal hussar too and are a raiding machine when combinedwith your warchief.
-And lets not forget Rifle Riders. These guys with proper hit and runningtechniques can stop any rod spam/jan spam/musket/cav spams. Don’t forget toalways hit and run with them.

We all know that Sioux are supposed to be a cavalry civ. But somewhere alongthe line ES decided to hand them some pretty good infantry. Let’s take a lookat them.
-Cetan. These guys can be easily spammed in age 2 and can take out most otherLI with proper micro. And when supported by axe and bears they are a force tobe reckoned with.
-Clubman. IMO these guys aren’t that great. But if you need some extra siegethen the shipment of them isn’t that bad. But only make them if you’re tryingto take down some buildings. More on this later when we get to the club rush.
-Wakina. Let me let you in on a little secret I learned from _sephiroth_. Theselittle guys are OP and nobody knows. They’re dirt cheap, 60 food and 30 goldfor a unit that almost matches a forest prowler? Are you serious? Lets take alook at there stats:

60 food 30 gold, 85 hit points, 29 seconds to build, 121 villa time, 16 damagewith bonus

Forest prowlers
50 food 65 gold, 110 hit points, 33 seconds to build, 167 villa time, 18 damagewith bonus

The Wakina Rifle Costs less, only has 25 less hitpoints, takes less timeto build and less time to gather for and only has 2 less damage then a forestprowler. Not that bad for a civ that’s supposed to use OP cavalry.

Ok now lets move on to some strats.

Sioux Fast Fortress Spam
Everyone knows that Sioux are famous for there cetan spam *laming* Butwhat if your up against a French or spain player. Or even another Sioux player?Are you going to rely on your micro vs the Sioux? Are you going to hope thatthe French player doesn’t FF and get cuirs? Or are you going to just sit backand let the spain player spam shipments at you all night long? NO of coursenot! This is how to beat them. MATCH their FF with one of your own! Here’s howyou do it.

Discovery Age
-2 villa’s to hunt
-3 to crates
-First card 3 villagers
-Try to scout for some good treasure with your warchief. Try to get all thegold treasures you can.
-Start to herd a second huntable toward your tc.
-Age with 15 villagers around 3:20 with the 400 wood chief.

Transition: Discovery/Colonial
-Now you need to collect 300 gold somehow. Whether through treasures or mining.Here is how I do it depending on how much gold you have at this point
100g = 5 villagers on mine
200g = 4 villagers on mine

Colonial Age
-Once you age and have 300 gold send the gold miners to collect the 400 woodand make a warhut, If your enemy is going to rush you within the next coupleminutes, IE Sioux mirror, then I would suggest putting the rax behind your tc,Since the Sioux doesn’t have that good of siege you can use your tc to pick offthere units, Just make sure you can still Hunt during this time.
-As soon as you age send 700 gold. When it arrives have your gold miners, whichare now warhut builders, collect it ASAP.
-When you have enough to age, age with the messenger, Now here’s the thingthough. In SOME instances it is ok to age with the 4 axe rider chief, but onlywhen you know you won’t be attacked and that your opponent wont get to fortbefore you do. You will have to be the judge of that though. You should agearound 6 minutes if done right

Transition: Colonial/Fortress
-Put 5 villagers back on gold, 11 on food.

Fortress Age
-Arive in fort around 7 minutes if you aged with the fast chief, As soon as youage, queue one villager, as many wakina as you can and send 3 dog soilders iffacing Sioux. If you are facing spain send 5 rifle riders to take care of thereheavy infantry spamming and lancer spamming, Also send 5 rifle riders if youknow your French enemy Fast fortressed, If he was dumb and thought you weregoing to colonial fight then send 3 dog soldiers.
-Keep spamming wakina. They are very cheap and you should be able to get 5coming out each time while spamming villagers.
-When your shipment arrives you can choose to attack or defend or wait for moreunits
-My advice. If your going vs a French wait til you have your second shipmentand send 5 axe or 3 dog soldier, then attack with 15 or so wakina 5 rifle and 5axe riders, he will only have skirm and if he’s smart the 3 cuir card. Microhim to death sil vous plait.
-If you’re going vs. a Spain then a slightly hard road follows you. You willhave to micro your cav to keep out of the rods way while still defending yourwakina from lancers or cannon. My advice is to go heavy on the rifle ridershipments and keep them alive! Once those shipments run out send the wakina oneor 5 axe riders depending on what’s going on.
-If your going vs Sioux and he was dumb enough to try and rush you with cetanthen keep the cav shipments coming, 3 dog soldiers followed by 5 axe riders,even if he sent his cav shipments the dog soldiers themselves will be able tokeep him at bay with wakina backup and proper micro.

This strat also works well vs brit, Russia and the occasional germany.Russia just fast fortress and get dog soilders and cav. They cant do anythingvs them in age 2. The Bristish player will be to busy booming to realize thataxe riders and dog soldiers kick there lbs ass and if they go for musket orpike you have wakina.

And germany.. lets just say.. if you cant beat germany.. I pity you.

Some tips:
~Lets remember that the basic principle of this strat is to keep your wakinaalive while spamming shipments, If you lose your wakina then your basicallydone for.
~Another Idea would be to put some villagers on a firepit during age tofortress and use the gift dance to get your shipments faster.
~I would also think about adding the 10 renegado allies to your fast fortressdeck. if your rush needs some extra umpf or some siege 500 gold for these guysaint so bad. they also count as some excelent anti infantry.
-This strat also works vs Aztec, all you have to do is collect your age upmaterial while building a warhut in a secret place incase he attacks your tc.Once u age send wakina and rifle riders to kill his bb rush. Then its gg.

-Here is one vs Sioux
[You must be -survival-guide">registered and -survival-guide">logged in to see this link.]
-Here is one vs Spain
[You must be -survival-guide">registered and -survival-guide">logged in to see this link.]
-Here is one vs French
[You must be -survival-guide">registered and -survival-guide">logged in to see this link.]

Ottoman Strangle
Now what to do vs those pesky ottomans who spam you with OP abuse gunsand Janz. Quite simple really. Rush them before they can mass enough units! Andwhile your at it, strangle there economy! Heres how:

Discovery Age
-Basic Sioux colonial.
-Age with 15, 500 food poli.

-As you age put either 3 or 5 villagers on wood depending on how much wood youstarted with. Make a rax a soon as you can

-As soon as you age send 4 axe’s
-queue as many cetan as you can
-collect 500 food and queue a few villagers
-You should have about 7 villagers on wood and the rest on food
-Next shipment is 2 dog soldiers
-As soon as your 4 axe’s arrive GO RAID take out as many villagers as you canwithout losing any axe. If you happen upon a few abus coming out of anartillery range and there are no janz in sight then by all meens destroy them.Just DON’T lose any of your axe’s or your warchief.
-When you have 10 cetan go attack his 5-10 janz that he should have made. Pickthem off, you are not going for the win just yet, your are hitting and runninghis Lame Op abusing ass to death! If he starts to go abus and you cant hit andrun anymore then act like your hitting and running and draw his janz off hisabus. Then rush in with your 4 axe 2 dogs and wc and destroy the abus, then getthe hell out of there. Use cetan on janz always!
-Next shipment is 700 gold
-Chop 200 wood and make a stable
-Mass axe and if you have enough food keep making cetan.
-The second battle should take place soon as your Ottomans enemy thinks that hecan take you on. If he attacks then micro him to death. I cant give any detailson hints on how to beat him here, it all depends on YOUR MICRO. Axe on abusalways and Cetan on janz always. Never let up.
-At this Point the Ottomans is either going for a silk road to keep his ecostable or his shipments are starting to run out. If he has tps try and takethem out without losing any units, If he doesn’t have tps then try to raid withyour wc and pick off some janz.

Some tips
-At some point I advise making a firepit and boom some villagers, The basicprinciple of this strat is to always keep him on the defensive and if he doesgo offensive you are able to stop him and not die. Also the point is to wearthe Ottomans out til his eco is in shambles and you can just walk into his baseand he has little or no army.
-KEEP RAIDING, if there is a lul in the battle and you have some axes and yourwc then go raid! Just don’t lose any horses. Even taking out 1 of youropponents villagers will set him back a bit. After his shipments run out ofcourse
-There isn’t much I can tell you about finishing him off, Each game vs anottoman is different and I mostly play it by ear, If your opponent does get tofortress u will need some rifle riders to fight off spahi.

-Here is one on Texas, don’t worry the map didn’t play a part in the outcome,or at least. IMO it didn’t haha.
[You must be -survival-guide">registered and -survival-guide">logged in to see this link.]
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