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]I[ Kaisser
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Sioux tips

on Thu Feb 23, 2012 1:50 am
Sioux is a quite strong civ and one of the funniet to play, imo. However it isnt an easy civ to learn.
If u love cav ull love this civ for sure, this civ has the best colonial cavs imo, and a couple of unique fortress cav units that can make a difference if well used. However if u are an inf player, Sioux wont probably fit u very well, as probably only their skirms are good enough
In 1x1 Sioux is considered one of the worst civs, i wont deny it, this civ has many lacks, heavy inf rushes can harm u very hard for example, and ur colonial inf will be always overwhelmed.
Anyway they can be very strong in 1x1 if well used, and extremely deadly vs slow civs (china for example) cuz their condition of natives. So i hope some tips can be helpful.
- Watch out of heavy inf, while in fortress ull totally rape it in colonial ull have quite more problems. Cetans are simply worst anti inf ingame, and bow riders though good wont have it easy to contain a big mass of hi
In fact a pike xbow rush is a good guarantee of winning a Sioux. As a result try to containt with cetans, or put pressure doing axes and when u have 20 more or less play convert card so u get colonial rifle riders. Those guys do nice vs HI and can give u enough time for getting fortress. Wakinas then will end the game in ur favour
- Constant raid, sounds obvious but its basic, ur only chance of winning the game is neglecting other guy eco, ur civ is a military civ, eco isnt ur strengh (out of hunting) so dont give time or peace
- End in fortress, i mean if he gets industrial game will be become danm hard for u
- Clubmen arent good vs units but theyre really good sieging, a club rush its the best way to take down eco civs
- Look after ur vills, losing them at the beginning of the game damages ur eco drastically
- Ur hero is ur best unit, he boosts ur units speed, and u can upgrade him in pit so he can 1 shot falcs. Keep him alive, use him all u can
- If going wakina give a try to tepees, ull need several shipments to be able to bring them to their fullest but with market tech for example or a few tps or even pit they can make a difference. We're talking about 100+attack cheap skirms, for example

Teams is easier as Sioux, theyre considered lammer because their cav is the best in colonial so any try to go cav in other team will make them loose in front of ur eyes. A smart opponent will try always to take u down soon, in fact if they dont put early pressure on u ull be able to have a stron military difficult to kill. Both axes and bow riders are a good choice, it will depend on other teams civs ofc, if u expect cav go bow rider, which are also one of the best raiders (ranged attack without penalization vs vills). If not go axe, axe riders are a mixture of uhlan and hussar, not so much health not so much attack, its a balanced cav. Very nice, not difficult to produce, as their cost is 160 40 being food ur best gathering resource.
Also remember than Sioux have a ton of cav upgrades so play them in ur favour, also nice team cards, for example 6 eq bisons
I'd suggest going with fast age politician unless u have a better eco income option (big route, water boom, etc) or ffing
-And very important. Rifle Riders point is to counter musks and cav at the same time, but other anti cav (Fortress goons, ruyters etc) can beat them, also theyre very costly 120/100 so be careful when making. If other team doesnt have heavy inf just go with elite bowriders, works better vs cav, and u dont need anti HI so..
- Tashunke prowlers are a dilema too, high cost but if used effectively can be deathly (stealth in a cav with area attack). The clue is to play with stealth option, u can stealth them and use vs cannons skirm etc area attack can make them destroy a lot of units instant, also good raiders as u can imagine. However u need to have them massed or they suck. Thats why i dont use to train, as much have industrial shipments so i just have to make the half. They can give a push in late game but u know late game with Sioux has few hopes
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Re: Sioux tips

on Thu Feb 23, 2012 2:06 am
Yeah man gr8 thought man continuouse raid is what Sioux is all about hehe ;D multi way raiding ;D can Buzz you badly, your opponent will dash his head on the table ;D hehe
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