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Civ Finder Package

on Sun Oct 23, 2011 1:40 am
Civ Finder Package

Now its not difficult for a new player to select a suitable civilization for himself after this kind of stuff coolest i have ever seen..!

The Civ Finder 3.02
The Civ Finder is created by Ha_Luke and me. Ha_Luke did the rating part, I created the file. The file is made in Microsoft Excel

If you answer all the questions the Civ Finder wil find the civ that suits you the best. You only have to follow the instruction, which are very clear. The Civ Finder is also usable if you play vanilla or TWC.

We are aware of the fact that the rating system may not be balanced. We are improving the rating system from time to time. Since version 3.02 I used some formulas in the rating sheet, so it is not possible to change them anymore.

2.~ You can now select the answer from a list, thanks to maffia.
3.~ You can use the Civ Finder for treaty now.
3.~ You don't have to fill in all the question to see the score

Cost Effectivness Calculator 2.01
With the CEC you can calculate and compare the cost effectivness of different units. You can also easily see the stats of the unit with different techs and upgrades. Note: the CEC still needs some changes, however, because of the enermous amount of data and formulas it is very time consuming to make those changes.

If you have any suggestions, remarks, questions, improvements or if you have found some bugs, don't hestitate to leave a comment or to send a email to ikkepatje@hotmail.com

Have fun
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