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1.06 British fast industrial.

on Thu Apr 28, 2011 2:18 pm
In 1.05 the Bristish FI wasn't very viable because it was massacred by FF. In 1.06, however, with FF nerfed and rockets buffed (along with 1 extra crate) it's very powerful. Advantages:
-Utterly demolishes rushers.
-Allows you to survive enemy fortress age 'floods' (e.g. otto mass abus/grenadier attack in age 3)
-Excellent eco recovery due to estates.
The main problem with this strat is that it requires a lvl 50 Bristish HC, for the king's musketeer.

Essential cards:
3 vills (age 1)
700g (age 2)
6 musketeers (age 2)
5 vills (age 2)
1000g (age 3)
5 hussars (age 3)
2 falcs (age 3)
3 rockets (age 4)
8 hussars (age 4)
Both factories

Essential politicians:
The king's musketeer (age 4, 10 musks, HC lvl 50)

How to execute:
-Game starts, collect the food crates with 5 vills, start training villies from TC ASAP. 1 villy collects wood crates and builds only one manor. Task only 2-3 vills to hunt, and start chopping wood with the rest (set the TC gather point to wood as well). If you only got 2 wood crates at start, it's a good Idea to try to find a wood treasure with your explorer. Once you got 250 wood, build a TP with your explorer and move all villies to food.
-First card: 3 vills
-Once the TP is up, use your explorer to find another flock of huntables somewhere further out from your TC.
-You should click age 2 at around 3:10 with 16-17 vills. Use the governor (200g + 1 outpost)
-If there's no more huntables near your TC (this will always be the case on great plains), move most of your villies to the flock found by your explorer and start hunting there. Leave 4-5 vills near your TC and chop enough wood to build another manor. Once you build the manor, start mining gold until you have 100.
Once you hit age2, send 700g immediately and build your outpost near the flock of animals that you're currently hunting with most villies (it must be at least a few screens away from your TC so a rush doesn't spot it).
-Second age2 shipment: if you're suspecting a rush, send 6 musketeers as your 2nd colonial shipment to your outpost, not TC. Send 5 vills if you're 100% sure that you won't get rushed. Note that you don't even need Rax at this point.
-You should click age 3 by 6:10 or earlier. Choose the adventurer to get 7 archaic troops (this is a must!)
-If the enemy is rushing, they will propably start attacking your TC while you're in transition to age 3. Because you only have 5 vills near TC, garrison them while the other vills near your outpost continue to work.
-To fight off the rush, use your 7 archaic troops from age up + 6 musks unleashed at the right moment + TC fire + minutemen in nescessary. This should be enough to at least stop one wave of a strong rush, even if your troops die. Make sure you repair your TC ASAP!
-First age3 shipment depends on how strong the rush hit you. If it was weak and you fought it off while still keeping some of your troops alive, send 1000g first, then 5 hussars ASAP. If the rush was strong and you have no or little troops left, send 5 hussars first, then 1000 gold. If the rush was strong, you may need to build Rax near your outpost and get some longbows to help fight off the next wave. And if hell really broke loose, you may also need to ship in 2 falcs.
-You should click age 4 between 9:30 and 11:00 depending on whether or not you got rushed. Use the king's musketeer to get 10 musks which will serve as a meatshield for your rockets soon. It's a must!
-If all went well, the 2nd wave will propably come while you're in transition to age IV, usually with 'nadiers + infantry or possibly falcs. Use your longbows against infantry and your hussars against grenades/abus/arty. Hussars will completely decimate strelets, nadiers, abus, skirms, and cassadors. You'll hit age 4 shortly and 10 additional musks will help you defend. Send in 3 rockets immediatelly after hitting age 4.
-Once the rockets are in, use all your remaining troops to support them and wreak havoc. If the enemy rushed, he's still in colonial, in which case it's gg (rockets with support will wreak total havoc on anything he may throw at you). If you really managed to push him back, ship in additional troops (8 hussars are good) and finish him off. You don't even need to recover your eco now.
-If there was no rush, either the enemy will attempt an age3 flood (for which you're prepared, 3 rockets with support will usually be able to fight age 3 attacks), or they'll boom. Either way, it's now time to ship in estates and start to recover your hurting eco. You should be able to get a strong 80+ villy eco going without too much trouble. That's it for the FI, you know the rest.

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