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A French Fast Industrial

on Thu Apr 28, 2011 2:07 pm
I'm sorry- I just couldn't bring myself to using an acronym If you must have one, how bout...... FGFI.. French grenadier fast industrial
Also, I must make a points before you read anything.

Do NOT post to say it's unviable because of some counter-strat. If it's a counter then it goes without saying and the FI shouldn't be preformed.


I shouldn't have to tell you what to do here besides train and ship cdb for a total of 14 cdb.


If you started with 100 wood and you couldn't find 100 more wood in treasures, chop it. Have 7-8 cdb hunt; rest go on coin.


Train 3 more cdb, and ship 4 to go on coin. Choose either the Marksman or the Scout politician. I suggest the Scout for most games; choose Marksman for civs that go heavy on the heavy inf. If you're unsure, err on the side of scout.

Lastly, build two TP's.


Time to go food-heavy. Depending on how much map control you have (or how much your opponen't DOESN'T have), you'll have to decide whether it's better to obtain 1000 food, ship the rest and go coin-crazy, or mine 200 coin, ship the rest, and go hunt crazy. You'll have to be able to tell what to do.


Upon aging, send the fort. Again, depending on who has the map control, it's extremely important to place it in a spot that doesn't risk it's obliteration during construction. You be the judge of that. If you can, place it next to at least 2 resources, preferably coin and hunts. Have cdb walk to the fort to utilize the resources you just obtained. Have 21 cdb before aging.

After shipping the fort, ship 1k of food or coin; the one that you have the least control of on the map. In some instances, shipping 1k food is better for an FI than 1k coin.

Age up with the Tycoon politician for 1k coin. (Gosh... I wonder what we can do with 1k coin and a shipment... muhahaha...)


While aging, send the Edict of Nantes shipment. Chop wood for a Church and a house. Obtain as much food as you can.


Gather the coin and hire some Black Riders, or Swiss Pikemen. Then use all that food for the three gren techs at the church. Send mercs before the grens, or you'll have to chop more wood for housing

If done completely uninterrupted, you'll have 7 Black Riders/12 Swiss Pikemen, 27 RG Grenadiers, a Fort, and two TP's by 13:00; possibly sooner.

27 RG grenadiers have:

Combined HP of 8,640
Combined Atk of 675 with 3 splash
Combined Siege of 2,322
50% Ranged Resistance

Now toss in mercs for the grens counters... MUHAHAHA...

*Note* A Turtle-friendly version is to ship Colonial Militia while aging to Colonial, followed by 700 coin. The rest goes as you see fit.
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