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Deadly Germans tactics

on Sat Dec 04, 2010 8:47 pm
Hi guys,
This is Guardian ,just thought of sharing some cool tricks using Germans.
Well to start of with Germans you should first know what is your opponent civilization then u can easily make your moves.So I am gonna divide the civi's accordingly.

In category 1, I will put British,Russians,French,Portuguese,Japanese ,Dutch.
Well to rush these civi....u must use a combo tech.
1.Age up with 400 wood and send ur 1st shipment as 2 settler wagons.Now the whole point of your rushing should be to observe wht ur opponent is making as his 1st army.

For e.g. I hav seen a lot of British players makes longbows 1st or French makes musks ...so in these case while u proceed to 2nd age put all your settler wagons only(and the rest villagers to food) to collect wood...u will notice once the aging bar reaches 'I' of "Discovery age" instantly put all ur settler wagons to gold.Now at this moment u will probably hav minimum 300 food ,200 wood and 100 gold(it will vary in some maps).So now as soon as u reach 2nd age u will be having 500 food, 200 wood and 500 gold.Now select 1 of ur settlers to collect the 400 wood u gained through age up.and select another settler to bulid a stable.Send the 9 archers +2 ulhans from the homecity and simultaneously make 5 ulhans from stable as well as 2 houses..now u will be left with 2oo wood , bulid a barrack using that...Next put the 2 settler wagons to chopping wood.and constantly make villagers and put them to gold.

Now is the tricky part if u feel u can take ur opponent using this army bu 5.20 min then go ahead finish them but if u feel like u cant send the 700 wood as nect shipment and make more crossbows , if u see ur opponent is making cavalry make some pikes in combo with doppels.now if u attack with a good sense of army handling u will win most of the battle + as a next shipment u can send the next shipment the palatine settlements to save your wood and use it to make more crossbows or u can send the 5 ulhans card and do som raiding wth tht but if u feel like loosing ...retaliate with 700 gold and move to 3rd age.
and bring the 8 skir+3 ulhans card or 5 doppel + 3 ulhans depends what ur opponent have and if u have gold bring the 8 hackapells(they will do wonder for u if u combine them with ulhans).

The above trick is useful against the 1st category

In 2nd category, comes the ottomans, Spanish,Indians, and Chinese.
Now if ur opponent hav these civi......the best tactic I have seen is to go defensive and keep your enemy busy.Age up with 500 food and put all ur settler wagons to gold and once u have the 300 gold put all your settler wagons to wood .Now once u hav reached 2nd age u will hav 400 food and a 500 food crate and 300 gold and probably 100 wood.
Send 700 gold shipment and do an ff quickly or u can do a turtle square tactic using ur double col. card and wait for ur enemy to rush u....Well has been quite effetcive in Category 2nd civi....as they loose army and u hav options to build up on that.

If I made any error ,then please forgive me...Do comment thnx....
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Re: Deadly Germans tactics

on Sun Dec 05, 2010 3:26 am
very good stretegy, i try ones and i win, i hope he works evry time. thanks,and post French and spain stretegy plz. ~{I}~ clannnnnnnnn ~{I}~
Posts : 350
Join date : 2010-09-06

Re: Deadly Germans tactics

on Sun Dec 05, 2010 9:46 pm
nice dev......
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Re: Deadly Germans tactics

on Sat Jul 16, 2011 11:30 pm
nice strategy dev babu, wapas ajao miss u...! ;D
Posts : 133
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Re: Deadly Germans tactics

on Mon Jul 18, 2011 2:39 pm
nice strategy dev .....miss u buddy ..........Or at age 2 ...for civi which dont go ff mostly like brits russia japan and all pull ulhan ,dopple and 8 shipment archers ...............i think Dopple +ulhan combo can take any colonial combo down ......just micro them well .......dopple area damage +ulhan great damage works always Smile...xD
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Re: Deadly Germans tactics

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