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Russian strategy for team games on rush By juggernaut

on Wed Nov 17, 2010 10:00 pm
Hello All,
Well I hope this works. when you play as russians you must see who is your team mate and with what kind of civilization he chooses and what unit is he going to make for the game.

#Firstly, The best Civilization for your team mate for team games must be spanish or indians or othomans (Best musket or pikes civlization is the best combination for the game), as russians will have to make only strelets and horses only.

#Secondly, The Rush should be early as possible and steady too for the further options of failure of the first rush.

#Thirdly, Never stop building settlers or strelets while you attacking your opponent and your team mate as on the battle.

#fourthly, Always keep 1 or 2 Food crate cards on your deck for the constant villager and strelets building. and keep 3 to 4 vilager on gold for age up process ir the game extends.

# final, Always look for you opponent what units or planning is he trying to make or will make his move on the next part. for the further unit making process. you final strategy should be making fort allaarround your opponent and making instant muskets from all the forts surrounded over your opponents with counter units for your opponents is making...!

Authored by ~{I}~JUGGERNAUT|XCG|
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Re: Russian strategy for team games on rush By juggernaut

on Wed Nov 24, 2010 11:21 pm
Truly Right..
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