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War Of The Five Indias GOLD Beta - "Patch Notes"

on Mon Nov 08, 2010 7:57 pm
Greetings again to all!

After a most convenient computer crash (it turned out well in all ways funnily), I have come back to War Of The Five Indias, and am soon proud to release the Gold Edition, which balances Rajputs, Nepal and Marathas, and boosts Sikhs and Mughals gameplay. Some of you who have played should have noticed that the Marathas were not exactly finished, and the Rajputs were OP. I've tested this extensively, but need some people to play and try it out together since I can't get on RE; I'm stuck on FP. However, the balance should be the same on either patch. There are so many changes to list which are great.

Link to File Upload:


Link to original tournament style War Of The Five Indias V10 post:


General UI:

- HC starts Disabled. It is enabled once you choose your consulate ally (when you choose what type of India you are). This is done to prevent people choosing different and wrong decks unless they really want to. XP has been slightly crippled early on so that the first shipment is sent around 2:20, coming possibly about 3 minutes into the game. This is also to help the Rajputs and balance other types of India out.

- Slightly revamped decks (a couple historical changes and some practical issues fixed).

- Gatherable Wood reduced to 450000, taking a lot of wood by players bases and some on the outskirts, allowing easier Agra Rushes and such. Much of this wood was map eye-candy and was not used much.

- Geography of some bases made more even so that it would not look bad once buildings were placed.

- Reduced the number of trade routes on the map, especially one on the Big Trade Route.

- Moved some Native posts slightly so that they would not bug up each other in being able to train the wrong units.

- Renamed all Udasi Native posts as "Sikh Settlement(s)"

- Balanced starting locations with adequate numbers of food for each player.

- The Battle For India, Gold Edition map standardized to an Asian map, where the starting herd does not move when shot at. These herds are moved closer to the Town Center.

- A Dynamic Weather cycle added. This cycle is not Day/Night, but rather it is a randomized day cycle, interchanging lighting with rain/snow/sunshine. There are three patterns for each, and the cycle starts at 4:30ish, randomizing in different patterns every 6 minutes or so. This is not totally absolute, but gives the map a lot more playability and spice.

- Russian Consulate FIXED (I had no idea that the units here were buggy, so I am doing and have done my best to fix them with about the same number of units).

- Sepoy Rebellion should correctly play music now

- Credits added. Once any 3 of 5 players are defeated, then they start.

General Balance:

- Chakram armor increased to 0.60 (range)

- Rajput re-standardized to 80 food, 35 wood, with 180 HP (fits with counter system)

- Urumi armor reduced to 0.35

- Charminar Gate now gives "ypCharminarGateElephantBonus," which gives Elephants +10% Base HP and attack. I will try to make this passive ability which is taken away when a Charminar Gate is destroyed.

- Mansabder Flail Elephant speed reduced to 4.0 for Mughal, Sikh, and Marathas Confederacy.

- Sacred Field Upgrade at the Indian Consulate now gives Sacred cows only -15 food cost (instead of -25 food cost).

Specific Balance:

Mughal Empire:

- Possibly reduced Elephant bonus to -7.5% cost and Train Points, and let "Tame Elephants" card give an additional -7.5% cost and Train Points. This is rather low priority right now, but I may do this change.

- Receive +2 Villagers once becoming Mughal

- Receive 1 Rice Paddy Rickshaw, plus +10% gathering (could be 8%)

- Rice Paddy Techs no longer cost wood (BIG BOOST)

- Deck Revamped to have "Trade Empire" Card (1 Trade Post Rickshaw + 1 Villager) instead of "Distributism" (Wood Trickle). This being the first card allows for Urumi primary build up (allows for resource cards), and Flail Elephant support from consulate Castle Wagon.

- Castle Range bonus reduced to +6.0 Range and LOS.

- Sepoys -10% cost and Train Points

- (Note that Indian Consulate "Castle Wagon" and "Sacred Field Wagon" each give +1 Villager, allowing a boom similar to the Ottomans in Age Sanctuary 1.2).

Kingdom of Nepal:

- Receive +1 Market Rickshaw + 1 villager (Bazaar, with improved Buying rates and slightly better sell rates) upon becoming Nepal

- Receive Gurkha Aid in Colonial to balance them out (gives +1 villager).

- Siege Elephant speed reduced to 5.0, armor reduced to 0.40. Less effect from Armored Elephants in Armor.

- Deck slighty revamped; the "8 Gurkhas + 1 Villager" card now replaces "8 Sepoys + 1 Villager." It makes much more sense to have a more cost effective card.

- Free Trade Route Upgrades (Start with House of Bracagna card on both RE and FP).

- Nepalese Gurkha armor improved to 0.40 (range).

- Nepalese Sepoy armor improved to 0.30 (hand).

- Culverins and Horse Artillery now auto-upgrade.

Maratha Confederacy:

- Camel Bonus reduced to -20% Cost and Train Points. Before this was actually -25% cost and -30% Train Points, which was OP.

- Villagers now only -25% cost (instead of -30%).

- In Discovery Age, Sepoys have 3 Speed and -60 HP (120 on RE, 110 on FP). Stats increased to 4 Speed and +60 HP upon reaching Colonial.

- Jat Lancers hitpoints changed to 420, armor kept at 0.30, population at 3, and cost to 135 food, 135 coin (about -20% from 170 food, 170 coin). Train speed reduced about -20% as was before, and bonus reduced to about -25% in Industrial, not to mention better stats in Industrial (550 HP) and Imperial (685 HP, 2 pop).

- Thuggees made a usable unit. Cost changed to 65 food, 85 coin, -4 population count (2 on RE, 1 on FP), train points reduced, and speed increased to 4.8. This unit should be balanced on either Patch. EDIT: This unit needs work on. I will remove the -10.0 Train Points and give it -2.0 LOS to start out with, but increase cost to 70 food, 90 coin with 0.40 armor.

- Receive +1 Monastery Rickshaw +1 Villager upon becoming Marathas, plus Monastery techs -50% cost.

Monastery Compunction now sets "Counter Infantry Rifling" active. There is a bug on FP and probably on RE which makes the Asian version of this tech NOT GIVE +35% damage (26 to 35).

- Gurkha speed increased to 4.8 (+20%).

- Gurkha -2.0 LOS in Colonial Age. Gurkhas get +2.0 LOS in Fortress to balance out their speed bonus. EDIT: Thuggees will also get +2.0 LOS in fortress.

- Slightly Revamped Deck; has "TEAM Shivajis Tactics" instead of "East India Company" card for historical and game purposes. This is also for balance.

- Sowars made 2 Population.

- Receive +5 Population in Industrial.

Kingdom of the Sikhs:

- Many bugs fixed with this civ (Artillery bugs for the most part; will work on Audio, but the Stable Techs will remain as they are).

- Receive +100 food at start.

- Now have access to Imperial artillery Techs.

- Honored Rajput now auto-upgrades for Sikhs.

- Consulate Units -20% cost (320 export for first, 640 for second, 1280 for third).

- Slightly revamped Deck; now has "Diplomatic Intrigue" card (300 Export) card instead of "Advanced Consulate" card.

- The 4 Sowars card now ships 3 Hussars (Possibly removed as this is not very crucial).

- Receive +8% boost to unit stats in Industrial, to increase the base bonus to 32% HP and Attack (4 Chinese Western Reform shipments).

- Imperial Dragoon and Imperial Life Guard now auto-upgrade for the Sikhs.

- Villagers are now correctly affected by Sufi "Sharia" tech. Indian Villager build limit increased from 60 to 66, and European Settler build limit increased from 50 to 55.

Kingdom of the Rajputs:

- Hand Unit Bonus reduced to -10% Cost and Train Points.

- Rajput unit hitpoints reduced to 225, armor to 0.20.

- Rajput unit gains +0.10 armor with Honored Rajput tech.

- Rajput Sowars HP increased to 235.

- Rajput speed bonus changed to +5% starting military speed, and +5% speed in fortress. Urumis and Flail Elephants not affected, since they already have increased speed (Rajput Flails have 5.5 starting speed).

- Rajput civ now gets +15% hand attack bonus in Colonial. The +15% Fortress hand attack boost removed completely (This is going back and forth, depending on how the other civs play out. However, I could add this for Industrial, but it seems pretty fair since Rajputs main unit is actually Sepoy and Flail Elephant).

- Merc Tiger Claws from the Homecity are now affected by Bhakti "Reinforced Gauntlets" tech, which increases HP by +50% for Tiger Claws. For some reason this was forgotten in the Tech Tree.

- Indian Villager build limit reduced from 80 to 75.

- Receive +5 Population Cap in Industrial Age.

- Villagers are now correctly affected by the Sufi Tech "Sharia." It increases build limit from 75 to 83 for Indian Villagers and 30 to 33 for Settlers.


The Beta version is good, but some testing might make me put the Urumi armor back up and Rajput civ Fortress hand attack boost to make them competitive with other civs. However, it is not fair to judge because I have recently mastered many of these civs. I will be working more on Nepal and Sikh Audio, which come before I release this in the next days. EDIT: Audio will be little priority as I cannot really get it done effectively. It will remain as it is. The Marathan Thuggees will need some work as well. This is my project for now, then the scenario design competition. I will go off from FP ideas until later. I will upload the Beta Version in the Scenario Section which I have mentioned here above.

Link to File Upload:




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