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Japanese Asian Diplomatic Exchange

on Fri Sep 24, 2010 7:08 pm
Japanese Asian Diplomatic Exchange

Ever wanted to use those funny asian icons on your map? Not sure how to use them in a rush or need a build order to help you out? Look no further! If you find yourself using bland strategies that are widely known and counterable, this strategy is for you. While the power varies by maps, it can always surprise foes who dont check for the native icon above names. This rush can be fast or average, and choices must be made. This rush utilizes the Shogunate wonder and the slew of native cards that the japanese can take advantage of.
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1.Trade Empire - Ships a trading post rickshaw (250 wood) and strengthens as well as cheapens all future trading posts (+30% hp and -20% wood respectively)

2.Native Alliance - Cheapens all natives and increases the limit (-10% cost, +20% build limit) This card allied with the Shogunate grants extremely cheap natives

3.Native Crafts - More of icing on the cake rather than core strategy card, but since you already have native posts, why not get export from them? 2 of them grant around 600 export. (or 300 each)

4.Native Attack - With the clever name, i'm guessing you are wondering what this card does. Surprise! Native attack increased by 30%, and a reduction in train time (-25%) as well. Excellent card to help flood your enemy's base with units.

5.Yumi/Ashigaru shipments - definitely important helpers. Those five units help round out your army as well as grant it more firepower. whats not to like about this shipment?

6.600 wood - Most natives cost wood, and you can really never have enough wood. Spare wood can go towards more TPs, a consulate, Shrine booming, market + upgrades, you name it. Add in the Spanish silk road for extra effect.


# Standard start; all vills to crates to begin, que vill around ten seconds, then send all to berries and maybe 1 on a shrine if your explorer isn’t doing that already
# Be sure to take note of the map and its natives; obviously this makes a big difference in the effectiveness of the rush
# First shipment should be 1 Trading post rickshaw

# Place it on a native socket that has the most well rounded units.
# Age up with the Shogunate

What this does for you is that it grants you a shipment and all units are cheaper. 5% cheaper I believe, which, when combined with the native allies card, makes natives a WHOLE lot cheaper to make, in every cost.
# Have your vills split depending on the wood:food cost of the allies that you are using, eg if its 15 wood 85 food have your vills split around 4:1 food wood, and if it is 55 food 40 wood have them split 3:2 food wood. Don’t let yourself get housed.


# Once in colonial age, decide for yourself whether you want to wait for the card or make natives right off the bat.
# your third card can be yumi/ashi support if you’re facing resistance, or 600 wood for shrines/ TPs/ additional natives and their upgrades
# As the japs have no native embassy that the others have, it is important to have the TP hot keyed as a barracks is.
# Build a Consulate and ally with the isolation as soon as you have the wood, as the batch training upgrade as well as the military rickshaw will prove usefull.
# Go fort if you feel you have your enemy on edge but just cant break through.
# Be sure to ally with the most useful consulate option, as you will see why in a little while.


# Once in fort, you have the option of choosing to ship another native card, but grants you export based on how many tribes you are allied with, like the native warriors card for euros.

# A second option is to ship the native improvement card which decreases the train time and provides a second upgrade for the age ( +30% stats). Since you’ve been making natives so far why stop here?

Final notes: As a final note to all who read this, I would like to add that the PLACEMENT of the native settlement is probably just as important as the native itself. If you find yourself on Saguenway with cree on the other side of the map, it probably is not best to try a native rush with Huron/ far away cree as this will easily lead to an opening between your far away native hut and your undefended base.

A second note I would like to say is that there should be caution when facing a euro user; spies are currently devastating towards natives, and should be used with caution but still can be successful. Many Euro users either cant afford the cost of spies or they just attempt to make a counter to your natives without spies. Be wary though for the church! If you see it pull back and make some ashigaru to take care of them. Be sure to scout.

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