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Hell Hound
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Red Revenge

on Sun Sep 19, 2010 9:43 pm
(last update: 22-9-2010)
Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. Deck
III. Suggested Move & others

This is a stratergy for British players that prefer attacking at age IV and unable to do fast industrial. This stratergy is for any game 4v4 3v3 2v2 but no treaty game. And this is basicly about defending while advancing age... Lastly add me at gameranger-> ~{I}~Hell Hound Very Happy . Also there is a image showing my deck... other things are nothing so just look at the deck...

Recommended Cards (it consits mostly military cards and all 25 cards)
age I : 3 villis & wood trickel rate
age II : 6 muskets, 6 longbow, train troop faster, train calv faster, 5 villis, glorios revolution, arsenal card.
age III : Fort, 9 & 8 Muskets, 4 & 5 hussars, 2 falcontes, 8 villis
age IV : Factory, Factory, 14 Muskets,16 Muskets, 7 hussars, 8 hussars, 3 rockets, 2 rockets(infinate), 25 allies (infinate).

Suggested Move & others
age I : You should send 4 villis to animals, 1 to wood crates, 1 to food crates and gold crates, explorer gather as many tresures as you can when you hav enough wood (135), build a manor and remember to que villis at ur town center. All villis focus at food. When you hav enough experience to send a card, send the 3 villis card. As soon as you have 17 villis and 800 food, up age using the govener because it will give u a outpost for protection and money for musketeers. As soon as you press the up age thing, send 2 of your villis to gold, 10 to food, 6 to wood. During the age uping (<- dunno how to write...) you should hav a card ready to send, send the wood trickel card, you should also have enough wood to build a market. After you build the market, research the gather food faster and the gather wood faster.

age II : as soon as you age up, que 5 villis at the town center and assign them to gather lumber. Your outpost should build at a mine or herd between the center and your town. when you have 200 wood immedietly build a barracks and start training longbow then pike then musket and return to longbow. If they attack, you should send your troops to participate the war with you friends because you can never win a war without your friend's help. When you have a card to send, send 5 villis & assign them to gold mining. When the que in your town center is finsihed, create more and assign them to gold. As soon as you have 1200 food, 1000 gold, start up aging, I recommend the longbow man. during the aging, send the build infantry faster card. Remember to build manor, you should build all 20 manor in age 2->3. By now you should have at least 30->40 villis.

age III : this is the age that you do not want to stay long because it has little things to do, usually as soon as i hit age 3, i immmediatly age up using the 10 muskets because it will give you 10 muskets which will give you some defence. You should send the fort card to defend your colony or cannon, its up to you. Dont forget to send the 8 villis card cause it will help your economy a lot, and its like sending a 800 food crate and you dont even need to wait for the peasent in the town center.

age IV : u should send factory as your first card if the enemy is not attacking and you know they are not attacking soon (you must really be sure about this). Then upgrade the red coat tech. Optional: if your opponent uses cannon, pump life guards to help your redcoats. Then remember it is important to go age IV as it provide more tech. (3v3 i always use tech to win.) And this is the age that you can start attacking them using muskets or hussars with artillery and not using artillery only. And last thing you should not do in age 4 is making longbow man they are useless at age 4 even you have the card that enables you to make them to guard longbow. When you have cards to send, send the muskets then hussars only then rockets. Lastly, as soon as you have enough resouces, you should go age 5 only do this when they are not attacking you because you may need thoses resources to build your army. By this time you should have more than 40 villis and started using mills and plantation.

age V : Now, build capitol and research those econimcal things. villis should be working at farm and plantation by now... your troops-> imp redcoat, rockets, lifeguards. I advice you not to go for imp longbow, because it can be defeated by calvary easily and your cannons will not have anyone to protect them. Remember this: sending card is very important but dont send age 1, 2 & 3 cards at imp age unless it is the glorious revolution or arsenal card or when you really dont have enough army and your age 4 cards are used then send age 3's card, lastly, you should control those trading post no matter its the train or native trading post, both are very usefull. With native trade post at great plains, you can reasearch a tech that will enables you to build calvary faster and so on..... Never lose control of the center or your main military base becuase when you lost it, the game will be harder to win.

Legal things
bla bla bla Sleep i don know wats this i juz add it in like other ppl

Explorer should be gathering treasures at all time.
you should be a little aggresive
technology-> this is a must
villis should be build at all time.
You should comment on my first stratergy that i write lol! , maybe there would be some errors, so please comment it will make my stratergy better. I will be updating this regulary.

END!!! Very Happy

Last edited by Hell Hound on Wed Sep 22, 2010 4:12 pm; edited 11 times in total
Posts : 1521
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on Mon Sep 20, 2010 2:22 pm
Is this a treaty strategy..?
if yes well then, good for treaty maybe but i don't like to play treaty games. and i don't know how to play with Bristish as well...! Very Happy
but anyways good one may help for treaty gamers here.
Hell Hound
Posts : 5
Join date : 2010-06-26

Re: Red Revenge

on Mon Sep 20, 2010 2:29 pm
its a stratergy for 3v3 standard mode.
Posts : 1521
Join date : 2010-04-19

I-ID: 333
I-PRO: 51


on Mon Sep 20, 2010 4:05 pm
then its would help a lot for the team games, good strategy i will try an apply on that too...! Very Happy
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Re: Red Revenge

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